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Violin, Viola & Violoncello Sales
We know how daunting selecting the right instrument can be. Our goal is to make that process as pleasant and painless as possible by providing the best instruments available, restored and new, within a wide variety of price ranges. We also offer a trade-in/trade-up program that allows customers to upgrade their instrument as they and their musicianship grow and develop

Bow Sales & Service
Selecting the bow that will complement an individual's instrument and playing style is an important decision for professional and student musician alike. We stock only real horsehair bows in an assortment of sizes, woods and materials, including the latest composite designs. When bows require service, we provide expert rehairs and repairs.
Instrument Repairs & Restoration
Proper Maintenance is necessary to keep an instrument in optimum playing condition. David J. Michie provides the expert repair and restoration services that fine stringed instruments require. We are pleased to provide an estimate before any service is done and to counsel owners whether the value of the instrument warrants its repair cost.
Strings & Accessories
Our inventory includes a comprehensive slection of strings and accessories from the leading manufacturers in sizes to suit the young musician as well as the adult player.
Instrument Appraisals
Quality stringed instruments should always receive the best of care, but accidents can and do occur. An accurate appraisal of an instrument's worth is essential to determining its replacement cost and the appropriate level of insurance. David J. Michie supplies insurers with the instrument and bow appraisals required for adequate coverage under homeowner's insurance or special musical instrument policies.
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